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when people try to argue with you about something you clearly know more about


Working in customer service

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relationship goal: a relationship

getting messages returned, talking on a consistent basis


this is the best thing ever 

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I’m a far more flawed human being than you realize.
My sickness is a lot worse than you think.

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Game of the fucking year

MGS 5 confirmed for first next-gen game.

they would rather make virtual horses shit than put more women in their games

I’m not saying you do not have a point, but have you ever played MGS? As far as female characters go, it has a wide and diversified array of memorable female characters. It has its problems, it’s still skewed towards the men, but MGS is one of the last games series that deserves this particular critique.

We have  blonde AND a red head.


Olga. Saves the main character’s ass in MGS2. 


Eva. Outsmarts the hero and takes off with his stuff. 


Emma. Literally saves the fucking world. 


The Boss. Considered to be the greatest soldier to ever live. Taught Big Boss (the person in the gifset) everything he knows. Kicked his ass multiple times. 


Amanda. Leader of her own mercenary group. Political activist and revolutionary


Paz. Outsmarts all the heroes at the end and steals their shit.


Strangelove. Greatest AI Programmer in the world. Canonly a lesbian.


Naomi. Considered to be one of the greatest genetic engineers in the world.


Mei Ling. Commanding officer of a fucking battleship.


Meryl. Leader of her own special forces group. 


Sunny. Six year old child. Saved the world at the end of MGS4. 


And yeah of course all of these women have problems with their representation, but it’s kind of laughable to say that MGS has no female characters. All of these characters are main characters who are important to the storyline, and it’s not even all of them. I will 100% admit that there are problems with their characters, and that MGS has had some horribly sexist female characters before. But the female main characters are seriously almost as numerous as the male characters, and they all have important roles. 

s’cuse me I think we’re missing another important lady of note:

Rosemary. Betrays the bad guys and is the only character in the entire series to get away with it without getting killed for her trouble and saves the ass of her ungrateful boyfriend six ways to Sunday in the process. 

Rose also had to lie to said boyfriend about miscarrying their son and endure the pain of having him hate her for a good amount of time before she told him the truth. She also wasn’t able to be there for him while he slowly suffered and she knew he was, and that fucking sucks.

AND SHAME ON YOU ALL FOR FORGETTING FORTUNE. She uses a rail gun as a weapon, neither Raiden nor Snake could apparently defeat her, and she saved their lives before she was killed by Ocelot via his usual betrayal scheme.

Fortune photo FortuneI1_zpsfff857cd.png

And did everyone forget Ocelot’s personal unit in MGS4, the FROGs? All of them were women. There’s also PARAMEDIC from MGS3, who went on to become a founding member of the Patriots, and was the person who fucked up Gray Fox’s body and mind so bad with her experiments that he went crazy. Also the Boss, aka the Joy, is pretty much the entire reason MGS even happened in the first place.

All that aside, if you think MGS is one of those franchises that doesn’t have good or realistic female characters in it, then:

A) You’re an idiot.

B) You’ve done zero fucking research.

C) All of the above, STFD.

Also what is this?:

We have  blonde AND a red head.

Is this supposed to be a pot shot about diversity? Seriously? Mei Ling is Chinese. Fortune/Helena Jackson is African American. Olga and Sunny are Russian. EVA was predominately raised in China. Naomi was born and partially raised in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia before she was rescued by Gray Fox. PAZ is Costa Rican, if I remember right. (In fact I think the only American-born women in the main roster are Rose, The Boss, Emma, Fortune and Meryl.)

Another good point is that these women’s backgrounds don’t define who they are. It’s usually important to them, given their motives, but it’s not the end-all, be-all.  Mei Ling had a pretty stereotypical accent in MGS1, but they got rid of that in future games, and it never defined her character. Olga was a Russian mercenary who loved her country, but she also loved her unit as her family and sacrificed everything (including her life) to keep her daughter safe. EVA initially screwed over Big Boss, but eventually she returned to his side after the Chinese Philosophers betrayed her and ended up becoming the mother of Solid and Liquid Snake. The best example is likely the Boss: everything she did, she did for her country. But she’s best remembered by those in the games as the greatest warrior ever known, mainly because of her great love and desire for peace; not simply her physical strength. That love drove her to sacrifice almost everything she cared about, and her life.

MGS isn’t without its problems (Quiet from MGSV is currently debatable, and the all-women B&B unit from MGS4 was a poorly executed idea, for example; and I’m not counting MGR as part of the series since it’s a spin-off). But the women in this series are treated with a great deal of respect, and we have a great deal more of diversity here that isn’t just treated as pandering to attract a larger audience (especially of men). They aren’t just there to move the story of the men along. They have their own stories, their own personalities, and you give a shit about what happens to them. That’s what I want from characters in games, male and female. It’s also what I believe story writers involved in games (or any media really) should always strive for.


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